Online Zoom Meetings

Monday10:30 amNew Beginnings Newcomers848 1833 9906Beginnings
Monday7:30 pmLithia Sunshine844 5189 6199Sunshine
Tuesday10:30 amRoad to Recovery875 7946 1485Recovery
Tuesday7:00 pmLutz Experience, Strength & Hope892 3941 3937mystrength
Wednesday7:00 pmSerenity at Seven852 5126 7855serenity@7
Wednesday7:00 pmSouthshore AFG825 4988 1098Just4today
Friday7:00 pmFriday Night Freedom870 5598 0912Freedom
Saturday9:30 amDistrict Meeting814 8388 2868District 8
Saturday8:30 amDISL Meeting846 8695 7586DISLchairs
Saturday10:30 amCountry Serenity AFG827 2973 0419Cserenity
Sunday10:40 amSunday Morning Serenity847 4182 4902SMSerenity
Sunday6:30 pmCourage to Change825 7245 9690Courage
Sunday7:00 pmRuskin Sunday Night AFG832 8170 0894Sundaytba