Our Seventh Tradition states: Every group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions. In this spirit, individuals and groups may choose to donate to our service arms, including our District, Area 9 and The World Service Office. Please find below the addresses which checks may be sent to, and the websites which can take online contributions. Al-anon provides many benefits at all levels of service, and contributions can be a rewarding way to participate in our world-wide community, in addition to the efforts closer to home. Please state your group name and number if you are a group treasurer donating on behalf of a group.

District 8 – Tampa Bay

District 8 AFG
PO Box 291083
Temple Terrace FL 33687

If you would prefer to contribute digitally, please email our treasurer, Nancy, at and she will send you the information you need to donate.

Area 9 – North Florida

4446-1A Hendricks Ave Suite #142
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Or you may choose to donate online at:

World Service Office

1600 Corp Landing Pkwy
Virginia Beach, VA 23454-5617

Or you may choose to donate online at: